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Why we think Yellen will engineer further USD weakness (FFTT, 2/8/23)

Treasury quietly aiming at dollar index 110+ by summer, hoping world’s biggest asset managers will ramp up US stock purchases to assist avoidance of US equities crash. With DXY at 110+, where else could they go?– Harald Malmgren, via Twitter, 5/3/22 Discussed with Harald Malmgren Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and Swiss National Bank who will buy equities at the direction of Auntie Yellen. Asians will swallow up treasuries and mortgages. All the while Auntie pushes

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Global Economy Between a Rock and a Hard Place (FFTT, 2/1/23)

Hope you’re well.  This week, in lieu of a normal FFTT report, we wanted to take step back and as such are publishing the attached 28-page slide deck titled “Global Economy Between a Rock and a Hard Place” reviewing the two key macro “big gears” we are most focused on (first bursting global sovereign debt bubble in 100 years + Peak Cheap Energy and Commodities.) This deck touches base on a number of the key

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The Washington Accord?  DXY has fallen at a 44% annual rate in 3 months since the October IMF meeting (FFTT, 1/25/23)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday said in an interview with CNBC on the sidelines of the IMF and World Bank’s annual meetings in Washington that “Markets are functioning well.”– Reuters, 10/11/22 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cited concerns about the potential for a breakdown in trading of US Treasuries, as her department leads an effort to shore up that crucial market.  “We are worried about a loss of adequate liquidity in the market,” Yellen said

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