There's a chance US markets get closed this week if mkt sell-off continues (FFTT)

MACRO-THEMATIC TRENDS - Report 15 Mar 2020 by Luke Gromen


Hope you’re well. Attached above is this week’s edition of FFTT. This report is 9-pages long and is a 12-15 minute read.

>>> Special Report: There’s a chance US markets could get closed this week if the market sell-off continues <<<

Key points:

* National borders are closing globally & stores are closing in the US, with empty store shelves becoming a common sight in the US.

* One cannot have borders & stores closed and leave markets open in a highly-leveraged system – all levered asset classes will quickly collapse as cash is hoarded.

* We think there is a chance US markets will shut this week if asset prices keep selling off; if/once they shut, they will likely stay shut until the coronavirus threat has receded (3 weeks? 4 weeks? 6 weeks?)

* In the meantime, we will likely see the US authorities pull out all the stops, up to and including tax payments possibly delayed or waived, student loans delayed or waived, small business stimulus, massive Fed and global Central Bank balance sheet expansion (this has now begun), and likely pinning the US yield curve at politically-expedient levels.

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