10 Most Interesting Things We've Read Recently - Tree Rings (FFTT)

MACRO-THEMATIC TRENDS - Report 07 Feb 2020 by Luke Gromen


Hope you’re well. Attached above is this week’s edition of “Tree Rings”, the 10 Most Interesting Things We’ve Read Recently.

The 10 headlines:

1. JPM under criminal investigation for its role in precious metals manipulation

2. Saudi oil shipments to China up 47% y/y in 2019 as Saudi, China sign crude supply deals for 2020 that “support China’s overall energy security”

3. Term repo most oversubscribed since start of repo crisis

4. US Treasury to borrow $367B in F2q20, after borrowing $330B in F1q20 (a nearly $1.4T annual run rate)

5. Is the yield curve inversion being driven by supply/demand mismatch at short end of UST curve?

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