10 Most Interesting Things We've Read Recently (FFTT)

MACRO-THEMATIC TRENDS - Report 19 Jun 2020 by Luke Gromen


Hope you’re well. This week’s edition of the 10 Most Interesting Things We’ve Read Recently is attached. If you are having trouble logging in, please email fftt@analysthub.com for assistance.

Key points:

1. “Federal Reserve…will begin buying a broad and diversified portfolio of corporate bonds” (page 2)

2. “Fed Chair Powell says the Fed doesn’t want to run through the bond market like an elephant” (page 3)

3. “Fed’s balance sheet posts biggest weekly drop in 11 years” (page 5)

4. Two charts that show why the Fed tapering its balance sheet is likely to be problematic (page 6)

5. Net Foreign Purchases of USTs posted their two biggest monthly drops in 30+ years in March & April (page 7)

6. “Signs of a V-shaped early stage recovery emerge” (page 9)

7. While US consumer spending is bouncing back, US and global industrial production have a long way to go (page 11)

8. “In war, Chinese shipyards could outpace US in replacing losses” – Marine Commandant (page 12)

9. “Petroyuan’s stature grows on Shanghai exchange, helping China cut dependence on USDs” (page 15)

10. “The whole system will have to be reset”; “COVID will increase state involvement in private sector activities” (page 16)

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