10 Most Interesting Things We've Read Recently (FFTT)

MACRO-THEMATIC TRENDS - Report 13 Mar 2020 by Luke Gromen


Hope you’re well. Attached above is this week’s edition of “Tree Rings”, the 10 Most Interesting Things We’ve Read Recently.

The 10 headlines:

1. Fed balance sheet grows at a 100% annual rate for 2nd straight week last week…

2. “Strains in UST markets rattle investors” as 30y UST yields RISE during Tues-Weds-Thurs equity market crash

3. Right on cue, the Fed begins ramping up the balance sheet even faster

4. “Fed’s Rosengren says Fed should be able to buy a wider array of assets”

5. What might a “monetary police action” (i.e. where the Fed could buy up other assets w/o an act of Congress), look like?

and more.

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